Eline Henrieke Maria Morsink

I wouldn't trade for anything in the world my year in Istanbul, during which I attended the MIR program at Boğaziçi University. I cherish studying with a diverse group of international peers and being taught by some very inspiring professors. In particular, the non-eurocentric perspectives on relationships between the European Union and countries in the Middle East is relevant for my current work at The West Wing, the youth think tank of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mezun Olduğu Yıl: 
Mezun Olduğu Bölüm: 
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Çalıştığı Pozisyon: 
Project leader-Labor union CNV Jongeren
Çalıştığı Kurum: 
Board member-WoMen of Orange, Track member-Think Tank The West Wing
Anasayfada göster: 
Mezun Olduğu Üniversite: 
Utrecht University